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I started playing guitar at the age of 11 after seeing Noel Gallagher on TV playing his Union Jack Epiphone Supernova and played my first gig with a local band 3 years later. I ended up studying degree level guitar at the Academy Of Contemporary Music, where I mastered techiniques used by Steve Vai, Guthrie Govan, Paul Gilbert, Richie Kotzen and John Petrucci,
as well as the legends of old... most especially Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page.


I work from home so have a lot of flexibility, plus a fully professional rig/endorsements to nail just about any sound there is. 
As a performer, I have over 15 years live experience playing all styles of music: from blues, country and jazz to heavy metal
and prog. I have a classically trained ear for picking up complex music very quickly. I am based in London and able to get to
any part of the country easily. Get in touch via the contact page should you require any services.




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