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I was born in London in the winter of 1985, around the late afternoon I'm led to believe (I don't recall the occasion).
From a young age, I have been obsessed with music and by the time I was 10, I had
 given up my pots and pans to focus on guitar, which I think still to this day was a good move.


I studied degree level music theory, production and performance at the Academy Of Contemporary Music after being encouraged by the music teacher at my college.
It was the best decision I ever made and led to me developing perfect pitch through classical ear training.

After university, it finally dawned on me that I'd need a real job, at least until I could afford to travel the world with my guitar. I worked for Warner Bros Records, Universal Music Group, the Performing Rights Society and then joined Metal Hammer in early 2012 after building a strong portfolio as a writer and presenter. I left at the end of 2014 to work for the world's biggest rock magazine Kerrang! and haven't looked back since. 


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